Rock * Pop * Country * fun!

James & Friends is now Mixtape Heroes!!! 

The Mixtape, for those of us old enough to remember cassettes and have used them, brings back fond memories; childhood sweethearts would exchange tapes with songs that would spell out a special message; that unreleased track one acquired through a friend or bought at an underground music store to be played later at a party; the first time we heard a DJ mix; all of these memories are more than likely connected to a Mixtape.  

Mixtape Heroes is a new acoustic based group that brings to life all those favorite Mixtape songs that bring back great memories of when you first heard them and created that special mix for that special someone, occasion, or event.

Made up of polished musicians and vocalists, Mixtape Heroes has a great energy and puts a fresh take on all your favorite songs with unrivaled musical excellence.

From Rock to Pop to Country to Your Requests, there's always a little something for everyone!!

From bars and fests to weddings and corporate events, Mixtape Heroes is available for your entertainment needs in almost any fashion.